My name is Kelly. I am Cherokee and Blackfoot from what I know so far. I was not raised in Native culture but it has always been the side of me that I've supported the most. Hit me up if you have anything to say. Thanks :)
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GoFundMe Print Catalog

Prices listed are minimum donation and include shipping.

  1.  "Tsidił 1980" 4x6"   $10
  2. Hastiin Tsé Biiʼ Ndzisgaii 4x6”  $10
  3. Naabaahii 11x14”   $32
  4. "Yikáísdáhá" 11x14"   $32
  5. DeChelly1945 8x10”   $32
  6. CAYATANITO1874 8x10”    $32
  7. Cloud Woman 11x14”    $32
  8. EyesLikeArrows 11x14”   $32
  9. Water is Power 11x17”    $32
  10. Indigenous Resilience 11x17”    $32

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Soooooo are they in danger of getting gunned down, or nah?

wait who is the last guy lmaoooooooooo

And there’s the double standard. This is why we don’t like white people appropriating our culture. They world looks at them and think they’re “edgy” and “urban” but when we do it we’re “ghetto” “class-less” “hood” etc… They can “pick up” black culture and put it down when they are through with it. But We are born into that stigma of “ghetto” and “hood”, we can NEVER put it down. Even when we are wearing professional attire we are still seen as thugs.

What tribe are you enrolled in?

I’m not enrolled in a tribe atm. I’m working on finding my Native Roots and trying to connect back with my tribe and potentially enroll. That’s the story in a nutshell anyway. thanks for the question! <3